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Disable “Waiting for network configuration”

nano /etc/init/failsafe.conf

Change all sleep to 1

For Example:

# failsafe
description "Failsafe Boot Delay"
author "Clint Byrum <>"
start on filesystem and net-device-up IFACE=lo
stop on static-network-up or starting rc-sysinit
emits failsafe-boot
console output
       # Determine if plymouth is available
       if [ -x /bin/plymouth ] && /bin/plymouth --ping ; then
   # The point here is to wait for 2 minutes before forcibly booting
   # the system. Anything that is in an "or" condition with 'started
   # failsafe' in rc-sysinit deserves consideration for mentioning in
   # these messages. currently only static-network-up counts for that.
       sleep 1
   # Plymouth errors should not stop the script because we *must* reach
   # the end of this script to avoid letting the system spin forever
   # waiting on it to start.
       $PLYMOUTH message --text="NO ! NO ! NO ! Boot Fast And Fuck Idiots" || :
       sleep 1
       $PLYMOUTH message --text="Hey guy i'm in work Time is money!" || :
       sleep 1
       $PLYMOUTH message --text="Fast boot for fast work! Time is Money!" || :
   # give user 1 second to see this message since plymouth will go
   # away as soon as failsafe starts.
       sleep 1
   exec initctl emit --no-wait failsafe-boot
end script
post-start exec logger -t 'failsafe' -p daemon.warning "My System is fast BOOTING In Progress..."